SIMI Swiss eCampus

State-of-the-art e-learning
platform with exclusive pedagogy

SIMI Swiss's online training system is one of the most renowned and unique platforms, specifically designed for adult learners and exclusively owned by SIMI Swiss.

Through its unique pedagogy, students can grasp the knowledge immediately upon completing each module.

eCampus Functions

Bite-sized content with full tracking of the learning process.

Self study
Live Class or Video recorded
Assignments & Feedback
Easy to use

Easy to master on the first use.


Apply Bloom's taxonomy in design


Engaging and never boring to learn.


Understand the lesson immediately

Change the Outlook of Any e-Learning You Wish


Tell me

Bite-sized content that introduces theories and concepts. These sections are used to introduce key constructs, theories, and ideas with brief but pertinent explanations.

Show me

The use of practical/illustrative examples to underpin the concepts and theories presented. These are designed to show learners how the ideas presented are related to the real world and real-world examples.

Involve me

Application of the theories and concepts presented. These are designed to allow the learner to synthesize knowledge by getting them to do something that is relevant to them and that is directly applicable to their working role/environment.

Auto feedback

How can I measure my learning? Auto Feedback is our excellent system that provides appropriate learning opportunities to reinforce and consolidate learning.