Top-Up Bachelor

For Level 6 EQF Diploma graduates or equivalent to obtain a full Bachelor's Degree

Top-Up Master

For Level 7 EQF Diploma graduates or equivalent to obtain a full Master's Degree

DBA Top-Up

For Level 8 EQF graduates or equivalent to obtain a Professional Doctorate Degree

Ph.D Top-Up

For Level 8 EQF graduates and Professional Doctorate holders to obtain a Ph.D. Degree


What is a Top-up

A top-up degree is designed for students with prior higher education qualifications, allowing them to complete a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree by entering directly into the final stage(s).

The Swiss Top-up Degree is a program offered by SIMI Swiss, providing an excellent pathway for students from Swiss Diploma programs and other institutions who wish to obtain a full degree. It offers tuition fee support and exceptional academic assistance.



Shorter Duration

Since it builds on prior qualifications, a top-up degree usually takes 6 months to 1 year to complete, which is much shorter than starting a degree from scratch.


The shorter duration of the program often means lower tuition fees and living costs compared to a full two- or three-year degree.

Online or Offline

Candidates can study fully online or attend full-time at the SIMI Swiss campus in Switzerland and Europe.

Priority for Swiss Diploma graduates

Graduates from Swiss Diploma programs are admitted directly and receive maximum financial support.

Multiple Awards

Receive a degree from SIMI Swiss or a partner university, which offers substantial financial support.

Fully accredited

The program is fully accredited, ensuring optimal quality and the effective use of the degree after graduation.

Top-up Level
Tuition fee savings

All Swiss Top Up Degree

The Top-Up degree program helps students save maximum time and costs when obtaining their degree.

Swiss Top-Up Degree is proud to be one of the first Top-Up degree programs in Switzerland with comprehensive accreditation and recognition.

Swiss Top-up Degree

Frequently Asked


1. What is a Top-Up Degree?

A Top-Up degree allows students with prior higher education qualifications to complete the final stages of a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree in a shorter time frame and save tuition fee.

2. Who is eligible for the Top-Up Degree programs?

Eligibility typically requires prior qualifications such as:

For Bachelor's Degree Final Year:

  • A diploma, associate degree, or equivalent.
  • Mature learners with at least 2 years of management experience and over 21 years old can enter the bachelor's final year through the APEL.Q process.

For Bachelor's Degree Final Stage (with only capstone project):

  • A Level 6 EQF diploma (for the capstone project only).
  • A bachelor's degree in another major (for the capstone project only) to obtain a bachelor's degree in a different major.

For Master's Final Stage:

  • A relevant Level 7 EQF Diploma or equivalent (with only a master's thesis or capstone project).

For Professional Doctorate and/or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D):

  • A Level 8 EQF Diploma or equivalent.
  • A Professional Doctorate for the final stage of a Ph.D (with only a publishing article in ISI/SCOPUS).
3. How long does it take to complete a Top-Up Degree?

The duration varies:

  • Bachelor's Top-Up Final Year: Typically 1 year.
  • Bachelor's Top-Up Final Stage (capstone project only): Typically 6 months.
  • Master's Top-Up: Varies by program, often around 6 months to 1 year.
  • Doctorate Top-Up: Varies, often 1-2 years.
4. What are the benefits of a Top-Up Degree from SIMI Swiss?
  • Time Efficiency: Complete your degree faster than traditional routes.
  • Cost Savings: Lower tuition fees and living costs due to the shorter program duration.
  • Quality Education: Accredited programs with high academic standards.
  • Flexibility: Options to study online or on-campus.
5. Will my degree be recognized internationally?

Yes, degrees from SIMI Swiss and its partner universities are fully accredited and could recognized internationally.


Please note that our recognition is based on the general regulations and accreditations that SIMI Swiss and our partner universities have obtained. However, countries, organizations, universities, and individual businesses have their own rules regarding recognition, and they have the full authority to make these decisions. Therefore, SIMI Swiss, MI Swiss, and our partner universities encourage you to thoroughly check the information and compare it with your needs before making a decision. We disclaim all responsibility for third-party decisions on recognition or non-recognition, especially for regulated professional positions or other roles with complex requirements from governments and public organizations.